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Hat Mounting Instructions


Adjust to Pivot Directly into the Ear 

Adjust to Pivot Directly into the Ear 

The wireform slides through the rotating dome and the clip itself slides horizontally on the hat providing adjustment so the earpiece

pivots directly Into the ear

Hard Hat Instructions

Works with 2 strap ratchet style hard hats

Slide forward of accessory slot

Want to Use a Different Earpiece?

Want to Use a Different Earpiece?

Chat Clip is compatible with earpieces with a  removable

ear hook as shown


Slide lock back 

Place rubber grips around

neck of earpiece

Slide lock forward until 

you hear "click" 


Earpiece Instructions



Charge Your Headset

1.  Charge for 1.5  hours.

2.  When the indicator light turns blue it has been fully charged.

Connect (Pairing) to Phone

1. On your Phone go to Settings/Bluetooth/Scan  

2. (make sure no other Bluetooth devices are connected)

3. On Your Earpiece Press the multifunction key (MFK) down for at least 8 seconds until it flashes red and blue. (your devices are now pairing).

4. On your Phone CLICK ON C-100 ON AVAILABLE DEVICES, it will then be shown as a “Paired Device”.

5. Your headset will say "Connected"

Enter 0000 if a password is required (this is unlikely)


Turning Headset On and Off


After your earpiece is paired it will reconnect every time it is turned on again.


1. After charging to turn on push the multifunction key for about 5 sec. until you hear “power on” 2. Be close to your phone when turning your earpiece on so they can “see each other”

2. Turn off your headset: Push the MFK down for 3 to 4 seconds and you will hear "POWER OFF"

3. Charging turns off headset    



30’ max operable range, for best results keep phone as close to earpiece as possible.

Avoid metal objects between earpiece and phone.

Try to keep to keep phone on same side of body as earpiece for optimal connectivity.

Last number redial. Tap the MFK twice real quick you will hear "REDIALING"


Cell phone does not “see” the C-100 during pairing.


1. The Earpiece only pairs when starting from a turned off position: Make sure the headset is turned off first; If the blue light is blinking you’ll need to power down; Turn off the Earpiece by pushing the MFK key 5 seconds until you hear “POWER OFF”. Then press MFK for at least 8 seconds until indicator lights blink red and blue (it's sending out a signal to initiate pairing now). On the phone under the Bluetooth menu enter “scan for devices” you will see C-100 show up.   


2. You need to “Scan For Device” from your phone; Once you have initiated the pairing from the C-100 (blinking red and blue) you have 2 minutes to go to your phone and enter:  Menu / Bluetooth / Scan / tap C-100 Under Available devices.


3. Unpair other devices: Bluetooth connectivity can get garbled if there are too many devices connecting with your smartphone. Make sure you unpair other devices prior to pairing the C-100.


4. Don’t use your phone while pairing. Wait until the earpiece is paired with your phone before using it.


Bad Sound Quality


1. Re “Pair” C-100 to phone. Just like having to call someone back during a bad phone connection your earpiece can have the same problem. If you notice scratchy sound quality unpair your bluetooth from your phone and re pair it.


2. Move phone to same side of body as bluetooth. The closer you have your earpiece to your phone the better the sound quality.


3. Turn up volume: Keep pressing volume up until you hear “Volume Maximum”. You can control the volume both from your earpiece and phone.   


Headset Does Not Turn On


1. The C-100 Bluetooth has not been charged.  Recharge for 1.5 hours, press MFK 3 seconds wait for blue light.

2. The MFK was not pressed long enough;  Press the MFK longer (minimum 3 seconds) wait for blue light.

3. Remove C-100 from charger. The headset cannot be turned on while charging.

Multi Function Key (MFK)
Indicator Light
Volume Control
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