The Chat Clip Fundamentally Changes the Way a Bluetooth Earpiece is Worn:​

Rather than mounting the device on the ear it mounts to a hat.

The Bluetooth is easy to locate and instantly pivots in and out of the ear.

The Chat Clip has a wide range of adjustment to locate the receiver in the ear.


Chat Clip Makes Wearing an Earpiece:
  • Easier to Find
  • Non Fatiguing
  • Easier to Install
  • Quicker to Use
  • More Convenient
  • Far Less Invasive
  • Incapable of Falling Out
  • Compatible with Glasses
  • Hat Mounted not Ear Mounted
  • Not a Driving Distraction while Trying to Locate
  • A practical tool to be more productive in your day
  • A Better and Safer Promoter of Hands Free Driving
  • Caller ID Enabled  (speaks incoming phone number)
  • Much louder than conventional earpieces for noisy environments 

It only takes a few seconds to hook Chat Clip to a hat.
You can now enjoy a hassle free Bluetooth!

made in USA