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Btech is a family owned manufacturing company located in Milton, WA.



The Bluetooth earpiece, despite continued improvements, has remained for the most part obtrusive, hard to locate and prone to falling out.   

An earpiece lodged in the ear or a cell phone pinched between the shoulder and ear is not an ideal way to talk hands free.     

It was with this consideration that we set out to develop a more practical way to be hands free on a cell phone and the Chat Clip concept was created. 

During early product testing of the Chat Clip we would forget a Bluetooth was being worn. To overlook wearing a Bluetooth for an entire day made us recognize the Chat Clip’s value. 

There have been numerous subtle engineering refinements incorporated into the Chat Clip that now allow the earpiece to be gently delivered from the hat into the ear. The Chat Clip was field tested for 2 years prior to introduction. Initial iterations are still working. 

It’s nice to know the Chat Clip will encourage safer hands free driving. We will never know who, but someone’s life may very well be saved and the prospect is heartwarming.

We are proud the Chat Clip uses American components and is assembled in the US as well.

It gives us great satisfaction to have personal relationships with our suppliers who have been so very kind and generous with their time and assistance throughout the development of this product.

Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to hearing from people who have tried out the Chat Clip and seek their opinion.  We also look forward to talking with new distributors and retailers who would like to share in marketing the Chat Clip.

With Best Regards,

Greg Wagemans

Product Development/Owner

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