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An Easier Way to Answer Your Phone 





This product is fantastic! Provides truly safe and hands free driving.

I never lose my Bluetooth anymore. The chat clip holds the Bluetooth beautifully and is right there when I need it.

I would recommend this product to everyone. Not only has it made me safer at work, it is also made me more productive by not having to pull over to take a call. 

Thanks chat clip for a wonderful product! 


Don Michaels. 

Seattle, WA

Route Driver



Chat Clip is a great product.  I talk to people all day long and am able to hide my bluetooth away quickly and easily. 

Not having to stick it in my pocket and break it is nice.  It is just a great product all around just can't say enough about it. 

Many of my customers have questioned me about it and can't wait for it to hit the market so they can get one also. 

Thank you,

Tom K

Commercial Driver

Edmonds, WA



I have been a UPS Driver for 23 years, well before main stream cell phone usage came into play.

In the past 15 years, cell phones have become a way of life especially if you are on the road 9-10 hours a day. As this has happened over the years, many rules and regulations have also sprung up. State Laws say that you must be hands free while driving and talking on your phone. Last year I was given a warning letter by UPS because I was seen talking on my phone while driving.

This device helps solve all these problems and many more!

I have been using the Chat Clip for the past week and I have to say it is absolutely AWESOME! I clipped this on my hat and was skeptical at first but really loved how I didn't have to keep my Bluetooth in my ear all day.

In the past if I kept my Bluetooth in all day I would have problems with hearing my customers and the darn thing would fall out of my ear while bending over or running up driveways. I haven't had that problem for the past week. When I kept it in my pocket I would usually miss the call. I would have to dig under my seat belt into my pocket get it in my ear and push the button. With this all I have to do is reach up, pull down, and I am talking.

The last thing I would really like to say is how durable this thing is and how it holds it's position. With all the moving around I do, putting packages on my shoulders and bumping this little thing all over it doesn't move and it stays in the exact same position and always goes directly in my ear. I usually get 15-30 calls a day from my wife, 3 kids, dispatch, friends,and everyone else who calls me. So I know this product is very durable.
I got 2 of these and another driver at my work is using the other one and so far he loves this thing as well! Good job Chat Clip you got me hooked!

Rod Reddaway, UPS Driver 23 years

Fife, WA




The Chat Clip has made my life as a route sales driver so much easier!

I am on the road for 3-5 hours every day and rely on cell phone for business. The Chat Clip makes using my Bluetooth much more convenient as I don't have to keep it in my ear the whole time. I can easily tuck it up next to my hat when not in use.

The product is very comfortable and I do not notice it attached to my hat. It is adjustable too, which is a great. No complaints; it does what it is supposed to do and solves a common problem for those of us that have to wear a blue-tooth all the time.

I can not thank you enough for inventing this product. There is nothing else on the market like it.


Joel St. Marie

Route Driver
Lake Stevens, WA

Made in USA

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